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I'm erodraw, I'm developing adult games and I do fan-arts.
I put myself in artist section because I feel more artist than developer ^^


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Confined with Goddesses release date of 0.1.2

Posted by Erodraw - November 24th, 2020


Well, I don't have a precise date to give x) But it's confirmed to be released for +$5 patrons before this end of month! (I guess around the week-end)

Like every update it should become public on newgrounds like 1 week or more, later.

I'm actually doing few re-lecturing and art fix, and working on audio, so I shouldn't be late ^^


  • Skip option to pass the prologue (Only do this if you've already seen it)
  • Party-time: You could make party every evening. You end it with 1 girl and you'll have to party again to choose another girl to spend it with.
  • The event will evolve depending on each girl's steps (For now only 1/5 step is available)

  • Step is the word I use for progression, it's like a step of progression in term of relationship.

  • The first play of a party contains a first part that won't show up again on the next time you do that event.

  • Party will be moved to later once I add the night day-time. 
  • Art: Some new HOT drawings during the party, little rework of MC'face, 2 new face expression for Sarena and 1 for Valerie.
  • Fixed infinite shower with Berry

To view all new content you'll have to play the party 4 times (1 for each girl)

NB for newgrounds: it seems there are many trouble for some people with the web browser version, I highly recommend to play the download version, I will still try to find how to fix that though


Comments (1)

good stuff, looking forward to seeing more development! You are doing party time, plus the Kitchen's "cooking with X" and Jacuzzi interaction along with hinted atvideo making with Bestie interaction promise this is to be a swell interactive game. You could add in titjob/paizuri option down the line as well to make use of those wonderful bazongas the ladies have! :D

In summary, keep it up and don't rush!

thank you :D